BASIC PLUS - $9.99/mo MLS Subscription

BASIC PLUS - $9.99/mo MLS Subscription

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Welcome to Homepie! 

You made a great choice to list your home on the MLS. It's the only way to get your listing in front of the massive buyer pool so you can fetch the highest price.

You already paid the initial setup fee when you listed on Homepie.

Next, we just need to set up your monthly subscription.

  • Just follow the prompts as if you are making a purchase.
  • You will enter your card number and information just like you are used to.
  • You will not be charged today.
  • Your next recurring payment will auto-charge in about 30 days

If you have any questions, chat with us online and we are happy to help!



Remember, you can cancel any time for free without a hassle, but you will need to reach out to us directly when you want to do so, as there is some legal paperwork involved in cancelling the Listing Agreement.